"Super fun! Already got a date planned! It works!"

Iris, Finland
"Very fun and different dating app! You can see more of the other people with video! :)"

Jarkko, Finland
"Clean and functional app, and a great idea! I see potential in this video-tinder thing."

Laura, Finland
"Klip is so fresh!."

Roosa, Finland
"Exactly what is missing from Tinder."

Alejandro, Spain
"Klip is a fun and versatile app. It makes dating more fun and easy."

Ira, Finland
"Klip is fun and brings out more in people than pictures."

Jonna, Finland
"I love it! Genuine people with genuine reactions captured in short videoclips. None of that swipe left or right based on a random static picture of a cartoon or what not."

Kaisa, Estonia
"Genuinely the best platform I've seen, on a really pleasant and professional level. The video idea is a winning idea."

Adrian, Spain
"Amazing app! So much better than Tinder because you can right away see if you’re interested in meeting the person."

Paula, Finland
"A more real and clear way to meet people. A well-working concept."

Matti, Finland
"In my opinion Klip is the best dating app out there. You can tell right away whether you are interested in the other person."

Suvi, Finland